Top down, Click To Move functionality Using NavMesh, Raycasting And Blend Trees In Unity.

I was a big Runescape player growing up, and I actually still am almost 18 years later. So being a Runescape player, I’m all too familiar with the top down click to move functionality, which has been the means of travel in good ole ‘Scape since its release way back in 2001.

Why don’t we recreate this classic mechanic in Unity?

The first thing we need to do is the basic setup for our player and Navigation system.

I’m just going to start by throwing down…

Cold showers suck. That’s it. and that is exactly why you should be taking an EXCLUSIVE cold shower every day. Not Hot. Not luke-Warm. Freezing fucking Cold.

I’m here to tell you that making this one simple change: moving the shower handle the opposite way you normally do and keeping it there, can radically alter the course of your life. It can unlock doors you didn’t even think someone like you could possibly reach in your wildest dreams. Yes, you. You can absolutely blow everyone’s mind with what you accomplish. …

In my last article, I went through the process of making a somewhat primitive, top-down, click to move player controller. This time we are building on top of that.

Here is a link to the first part.

Ok, so what’s next?

I think it’s time to implement some basic combat! Nothing fancy quite just yet, as we will need to do some coding, but we will get to the cool stuff soon enough.

Last time, I drew inspiration from Runescape, so I think I’ll continue the tradition for this as well. …

Chandler Lane

Unity Developer - Professional Actor

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